Environmental Stewardship

The men and women of Nielson Construction realize that as they strive to “move mountains” for their customers they also have a responsibility to tread softly to protect an environment that is both magnificent and fragile. We take our role as environmental stewards seriously and our commitment to helping our customers protect resources for future generations has not gone unnoticed. In fact, one of the most gratifying moments for the management of Nielson Construction came in 2006 as the company was recognized with the Earth Day Award by the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining for reclamation projects at Skyline and Star Point Mine in Carbon County and Des-Bee-Dove Mine in Emery County, among others. The company has the distinction of being the only construction company to ever be recognized with such an honor.

Nielson Construction was lauded for its “outstanding environmental awareness” and during the awards presentation the Company was recognized as having “set a standard of excellence that operators and contractors on other projects seek to emulate.”

“It is a popular misconception that oil, gas, and mining companies are enemies of the environment,” said Jim Peacock, Chairman of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining. “The fact is extractive industries have matured as society has changed, and industry has embraced the notion of environmental stewardship.”

Nielson Construction has matured as well and over the years has developed a number of management strategies to guide us as we work to reach our client’s goals of project success and prudent environmental stewardship. We develop Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for each of its projects to make sure that the footprints we make as we work don’t spread off site and upset a delicate environmental balance. We employ a Utah Department of Transportation certified Environmental Control Supervisor to monitor our stormwater plans and at each of our facilities we maintain a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan and train our employees on how to respond to any release that could harm the environment. Simply put, if we pack it in, we pack it out. Nielson Construction has implemented the use of a Job Safety Environmental Assessment which will be our tool to identify potential hazards to the environment that our work could cause and enlist the talents of our people to help eliminate those hazards. The JSEA looks at such factors as:

Dust Control
Wind Directions
Community Relations/Involvement
Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Spill Control and Countermeasures
Emergency Response
Archeological Considerations
Wildlife considerations

The JSEA is a force in our daily effort for every man and woman of Team Nielson to take part in our goal to “Move Mountains…and Tread Softly!”