Our Services

Diversity is Our Strength

For more than 50 years the men and women of Nielson Construction have operated with a simple philosophy of taking care of the customer by dedicating ourselves to going above and beyond to get the job done. That work ethic has resulted in a core of highly skilled, professional employees with a diverse range of capabilities that uniquely positions us to provide for our customers’ needs.


Heavy Excavation

With a fleet of scrapers, dozers, graders and loaders at our disposal, we have provided the best in service to customers such as Energy Solutions, ECDC, the Utah Department of Transportation, Energy West Mining, and many others throughout the years.

When it comes to heavy excavation, we truly live up to our motto “We Move Mountains!”



Nielson Construction expanded into the asphalt business in 2000 and since that time has purchased and maintains two state-of-the-art asphalt plants that produce top quality asphalt that meets Department of Transportation specifications for Superpave.   With the plants, equipment, crews, and trucks to get the job done, we can pave the way to success for any of our customers’ needs.

We also offer custom paving services for everything from parking lots to walking trails and driveways. Request a quote today!


Concrete Services

In 2009, when many companies were projecting slower growth or even a reduction in force, Nielson Construction management made the bold decision to expand upon its capabilities by purchasing a new, state-of-the-art Concrete Plant.

The Nielson Construction Concrete Products Division went into service in the spring of 2009 and by the end of the year had surpassed its projected production. With state certified concrete, we offer a liquid color system capable of matching colors from any manufacturer. We employ skilled drivers that provide exceptional service and the know-how to develop custom mix designs tailored to the needs of any project.


Trucking Services

With hundreds of trucks in our fleet, Nielson Construction’s Trucking Division has the muscle to move the earth for our customers. Our employees are among the best in the industry and are experienced on and off-highway drivers, having logged millions of safe, on time miles. We have trucks dedicated to coal and asphalt hauling, gravel and rock product delivery, water hauling, and heavy hauling. We maintain a fleet of winch trucks and have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable winch truck drivers in the business. Our Heavy Haul Department delivers oversize loads for customers throughout the country. We regularly deliver everything from heavy equipment to mine equipment, crushers, railroad equipment and gas compressors. Our Water Truck Department provides dust control and water hauling services for our customer no matter the time of day or night and in extreme weather conditions. When it comes to providing trucking services, we are driven to succeed.


Crane Services

Nielson Construction has Certified Crane Operators on staff who are among the best when it comes to crane operations and certified rigging. Nielson Crane Service operates five cranes that are regularly called upon by customers such as PacifiCorp, ConocoPhillips, and Energy Solutions, to name a few. When you need crane service, Nielson Construction has the lift.


Oil Field Services

The men and women of Team Nielson pride ourselves on the service we provide to our oil and gas field customers. Through the years we have built roads, locations, and pipeline right of ways, installed pipe, electrical and pumping units, provided water hauling services and kept roads open during extreme weather conditions to keep oil and gas moving through the pipelines.

Working in areas where a horse would struggle to find its footing, our crews have met the challenge faced by remote and often treacherous conditions. Rock, steep topography and extreme conditions do not slow us down. We have corrected severe erosion problems and completed successful mass reseeding.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment and our history of reclaiming areas for our oil field customers after exploration and drilling operations. We are committed to getting the job done while respecting and protecting the environment.


Mine Support

From the earliest days of Nielson Construction, we have been dedicated to helping our customers in the mining industry. From mine development to mine reclamation, our people have a special relationship with the men and women of mining.

Nielson management and crews have repeatedly been recognized for their efforts to develop mine projects for our customers and have helped with innovative answers to difficult problems often faced in the mining industry. In 2006 Nielson Construction was recognized by the Utah Board of Oil, Gas, and Mining when it presented the Earth Day Award to Nielson Construction. Recognizing what it termed the company’s “outstanding environmental awareness,” we are proud to be the only construction company to ever receive such an honor from the board.